Tallest Point Guards in The NBA (2021 Updated)

Height and wingspan are some of the physical characteristics that NBA scouts look for. However, among all the positions in the NBA, the point guard has always been the shortest position. This is because ball-handling skills and game IQ play a bigger role in this position than height advantage.

If you need any proof, players like Steph Curry at 6′ 3″ and Damian Lillard at 6′ 2″ are legendary point guards despite being shorter than the average NBA player. This does not mean there are no tall point guards in the NBA. G.O.A.Ts like Magic Johnson who was 6′ 9 and Oscar Robertson both excelled as tall point guards.

Tallest Point Guards in the NBA Currently

So, who are the tall outliers in the point guard position in the current NBA?

Ben Simmons

Height – 6’11

Team – Philadelphia 76ers

This Sixers’ point guard hails from Australia and stands at an impressive 6’11. This makes him much taller than the average height of point guards in the NBA which is 6’2′. Ben Simmons may not have had the best offensive stats this 2020/21 season but he has played a big role in keeping the Sixers in the conference. Ben Simmons is currently the tallest point guard in the NBA and has had impressive defensive performance in an era where defensive players are in short supply.

Kyle Anderson

Height – 6’9

Team – Memphis Grizzlies

Kyle Anderson is one of the tallest point guards in the NBA currently at 6’9. The Grizzlies front guard has had put up solid performances in the 2020-2021 season for his team. Kyle excels at moving the ball through the flow of the offense and creates plays at both ends of the court. With his contract with the Grizzlies expiring in 2022, it remains to be seen whether this playmaker will be moving on or staying put.

Yuta Watanabe

Height – 6’9

Team – Toronto Raptors

Japanese players in the NBA are rather thin on the ground, but Yuta Watanabe was the first Japanese national to receive an NCAA Division basketball scholarship. At 6’9, Yuta is one of the tallest point guards in the NBA. This Raptors guard is a fan-favorite both in the US and his fans in Japan have also been keeping an eye on the playmaker. His game IQ and his laid-back attitude are some of the reasons fans adore this Japanese player. For the nay-sayers who were not expecting much from Yuta when he joined the Raptors from the Grizzlies, this star keeps proving them wrong. He is brilliant in defense and shows no signs of slowing down.

Nicolas Batum

Height – 6’8

Team – Los Angeles Clippers

Nicolas Batum is one of the tallest point guards in the NBA at 6’8. The French national plays for the Clippers as a small forward. Nicholas Batum has also played for the Charlotte Hornets (2015-2019) and the Portland Trail Blazers before that (2009 -2015). With the Clippers putting up a solid performance in the 2021 playoffs, Nicholas Batum’s team is having an incredible season.

Jayson Tatum

Height – 6’8

Team – Boston Celtics

Jayson Tatum is a power forward for the Celtics and is considered one of the best playmakers on the team. At 6’8, Jayson is on the list of the tallest point guards in the NBA. In terms of performance, Tatum is currently averaging 24.9 points per game which is a career-high for him. His passing and playmaking in the 2020/ 2021 season have been instrumental for the Celtics in their run this season.

Cam Reddish

Height – 6’8

Team – Atlanta Hawks

Picked by the Atlanta Hawks in the first round of the 2019 NBA draft, Cam Reddish is averaging 11.2 in the 2020/21 season although he is currently out with an injury. Reddish who is is 6’8 is one of the Hawk’s best defenders since he is tall enough to get into passing lanes but also defend bigger players like the 6’10 Simmons of the sixers. Cam appears to be out for the season but this point guard is a key part of the Hawks team and will hopefully be back in time for next season.

Brandon Clarke

Height – 6’8

Team – Memphis Grizzlies

This 24-year-old Canadian national plays a key role in defense for the grizzlies and knows how to strike the balance between staying physical and not fouling the opponent. At 6’8, Brandon Clarke is one of the tallest point guards in the NBA, a position with an average height of 6’2. Brandon has been nominated alongside teammate Ja Morant by NBA assistant coaches to the 2021 NBA Rising Stars roster. While he may not be a superstar yet, Brandon is on the right path and the future looks bright for the Grizzlies playmaker.

Isaac Bonga

Height – 6’8

Team – Washington Wizards

Isaac is a German national who started his basketball career playing in the German basketball Bundesliga for Skyliners Frankfurt. The 21-year-old joined the Wizards in 2019 from the Los Angeles Lakers. In the 2020/21 season, Isaac did not get much playtime and as an offensive player, his average of 5 points per game, 3.4 rebounds and 1.2 assists may not be too impressive. However, in defense, the long arm reach and height aid Isaac in playing an important role in the Wizards’ defense.

Rudy Gay

Height – 6’8

Team – San Antonio Spurs

This 34 year old forward stands at 6’8″ which makes him one of the tallest point guards in the NBA. Gay was drafted from the University of Connecticut by the Houston Rockets before he joined the Memphis Grizzlies in 2006. Before joining the Spurs in 2017, Rudy also played for the Raptors and Sacramento Kings. With a career average of 16.8 points per game and 5.8 rebounds, Gay has established himself as a solid playmaker although in the 2020/21 season his performance has not been subpar.

Rodney Hood

Height – 6’8

Team – Toronto Raptors

Before joining the Raptors in 2021, Rodney played for the Portland Trail Blazers and the Cleveland Cavaliers before that. The 6’8 forward has a career average of 11.3 points per game and 2.7 rebounds but has been struggling to find his form in the current season. Injury woes have also kept him off the court for most of the season and he is unlikely to get back on the court for the rest of the season.

Tallest Point Guards In NBA History

Basketball is constantly evolving and the average point guard height in the NBA has also changed over time. However, even before the current crop of players, there have been some impressive point guards who were taller than the average height for this position. Some of the tallest point guards in NBA history are:

Magic Johnson

Height – 6’9

Team – Los Angeles Lakers

At 6’9 and widely regarded as the best point guard to have ever played in the NBA, Magic Johnson was one of the best and tallest point guards in the NBA. As a 12-time NBA All-Star who also won 3 MVP awards, Magic’s illustrious career is one that many point guards can only aspire to. This Lakers legend combined high basketball IQ, outstanding passing skills and court vision to cement his name as the best point guard to have played in the NBA. While many ruthless guards are coming up in the NBA, so far, Magic remains in a league of his own.

Oscar Robertson

Height – 6’5

Teams – Milwaukee Bucks, Cincinnati Royals

6’5 may not seem like a tall figure in the NBA, but as far as point guards are concerned, Oscar Robertson was definitely on the taller end of the spectrum. This ruthless point guard was the first player in the NBA to ever average a triple-double for a whole season. Robertson also won an MVP award and also managed to win an MVP award. With career stats like 25.7 points per game 9.5 assists and  7.5 rebounds per game, Robertson’s talent as a point guard was quite impressive.

Jason Kidd

Height – 6’4

Teams – Phoenix Suns, Dallas Mavericks, New York Knicks, New Jersey Net

You may know him now as the assistant coach of the Lakers, but before his coaching career, Jason Kidd was one of the best point guards in the game. Jason played for various teams in the NBA during his career including the Knicks and the Mavericks before finishing up at the New Jersey Nets. With milestones like the second in all-time in assists and third all-time in steals in NBA history under his belt, Jason Kidd will always be regarded as one of the best point guards to have played in the NBA.

Gary Payton

Height – 6’4

Teams – Seattle Supersonics, Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, Miami Heat

Famously known as the glove, the 6’4 Gary Payton is the only point guard to have won the best defensive player award in the NBA. While he may not have been the tallest player in the game, at 6’4 he ranked among the tallest point guards of the time. Known for his outstanding defensive player, Gary Payton had an illustrious career playing for giants like the Celtics, Lakers, and the Miami Heat.


The NBA is almost synonymous with taller than average athletes. However, in some positions like a point guard, height is a secondary consideration. Players like Russel Westbrook, Steph Curry and Damian Lillard have all excelled as point guards despite being on the shorter end of the scale by NBA standards. Ultimately in a sport like basketball, height will always be an advantage and tall point guards like Ben Simmons will continue to make their mark in the game.

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