What Race is Stephen Curry: Black or White?

Steph Curry is a successful pro basketball player who plays for the golden warriors in the NBA. For several years, he was known as one of the best shooters ever in the NBA. But after winning his fourth NBA championship title and first finals MVP in 2022, many now argue that he is the greatest player of all time. Surprisingly, another popular point of debate with steph curry has been his ethnicity and race.

He comes from a family of peak athleted. His father, Dell Curry, was also a basketball player, and so is his younger brother, Seth Curry. His mother was volleyball player.

With Steph Curry’s success as a basketball player, he has come under the scrutiny of the media and people questioning his black heritage due to the color of his skin not being “dark enough.” People have concluded that he is of mixed race, which doesn’t mean quite a justice to his race and heritage.

This article will cover all you need to know about Steph Curry’s race, and the background will also include all the information you need to know the truth and understand it.

What is Steph Curry’s Race?

What is Steph Curry's Race
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There are a lot of rumors and false media about Steph Curry’s race. As it does to most famous people, fame has made his personal life a topic of conversation, and due to his light skin and green eyes, his race has become an area of focus for many people. The question of Steph Curry’s race has been an essential topic among fans.

However, it usually comes up among his fellow NBA players the most. Some of the other NBA players used to refer to him as a soft or privileged player due to his family’s wealth, upbringing, and light skin color. During an NBA 2K panel in 2014, Kevin Durant shared a story about how their first thought when they saw him was that he was a Caucasian male.

He was born in Akron, Ohio, the USA, to two African American parents, Dell and Sonya Curry. Both of his parents have a Haitian Creole background meaning they are from Haiti if you trace their history far enough.

Haitian Creole is a term used to describe people from Haiti. Haiti people from the colonial era are primarily mixed-raced due to many African people getting involved with people from other countries that got colonized. Haitian Creole people might not be 100% black, but they identify with the black race/community. Stephen Curry is African American because his parents and grandparents are African American.

Steph Curry’s Nationality and Ethnicity?

Steph Curry was born on March 14, 1988, in Akron, Ohio, USA. This puts him at 34 years old as of June 2022. He is an upstanding citizen of the United States and is an African American or Afro-American.

Steph Curry and Dealing with Racism

Curry has had a lot of experience with racism as a result of his light skin from people in the NBA, especially the subtle kind. As an African American child growing up in Virginia, he saw a lot of racism. His parents managed to shield him and his siblings from it, but people often treated his family differently.

Steph Curry joined Charles Barkley and Jimmy Rollings on topics such as policy reforms and race in America, the headliner being systemic racism, to shed some light on racism and how it can take different forms. According to Steph Curry, most people see “rich, successful Black people’’ as ‘’anomalies’’ which shouldn’t be the case and is one of the ways people contribute to racism.

Numerous subtle ways people use to perform racism are not easily noticeable or condemnable by others, and they act like they’ve done nothing wrong. He said, “That’s the subtle racism and prejudice that kind of starts to add on itself’’ and continued by saying. ‘’shifting perspectives and holding everybody accountable, whether it’s a private conversation, whether it’s tweets or videos, whatever it is…. To see everybody as equal is key’’. Lastly, he talked about how anyone who isn’t contributing to stopping racism is a part of the problem.

Steph Curry believes in doing whatever he can to fight racism so that things can be more accessible and better for the next generation, even if they can’t all be fixed immediately. He has been seen engaging in various protests and partaking in talk shows about this significant issue.

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Steph Curry’s Parents and Grandparents

In order to fully understand his roots, we have to talk about his parents and grandparents.


Dell Curry and Sonya Curry are Steph Curry’s father and mother, respectively.

Dell Curry

Dell Curry
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Born on June 25, 1964, in Harrisonburg, Virginia, Warden Dell Curry is Steph Curry’s father, who became a professional American basketball player. He had a very fulfilling before retiring as Charlotte Hornets’ best points leader with 9,839. He played in the NBA from 1986-to 2002. Dell Curry was the player of the year during his senior season in the Metro Conference in 1986.

When he moved on to college, his impressive long-range shooting accuracy wasn’t appreciated before the 1986-1987 season because NCAA basketball didn’t feature a 3-point line. His sons, Stephen and Seth curry, have this long-distance shooting accuracy. Dell Played baseball at Virginia Tech but stopped in 1985 to continue and focus on his basketball career. Dell Curry works as a color commentator for the television broadcasts of the Charlotte Hornets.

Sonya Curry

Born on May 30, 1966, in Redford, Virginia, Sonya Curry Steph’s mother was raised in Radford, Virginia, and was also an athlete. Sonya was a student of Virginia Tech for high school, where she was a student-athlete playing basketball and volleyball. She was the main reason why the school’s volleyball team became popular.

As a result of her success in volleyball, she got a scholarship while in high school, playing at Virginia Tech, where she met her husband, Dell Curry. He was at the time a professional basketball player for the Hokies. Sonya Curry’s parents were impoverished. They experienced some horrible cases of racism.

Sonya studied Education in college, got her degree, and now works as an educator. She opened her school with her husband Dell Curry called Montessori School in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she was the school president.


Steph’s grandfather and grandmother on his father’s side are Wardell Curry, his grandfather and son of Blanch Perline Curry. Juanita Marian Leitch Casey, his grandmother, was Eugenia Marian Gaines’s daughter.

Steph’s grandfather and grandmother on his mother’s side are Clive Ester Adams, his grandfather, and son of Clive Ester Adams and Berta Blanche Arrington. Candy Ann Wyms, his grandmother and was the daughter of Walter Leonard Wyms and Evelyn Katherine Snell.

Steph Curry’s Siblings

Steph Curry's Siblings
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Seth Adham Curry

Born August 23, 1990, Seth Adham Curry is a professional American basketball player who plays for the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA. Seth attended Liberty University. During his first year at university, he joined the Basketball team, and in that first season, he was the best freshman player nationally and had 20.2 points on average in a game. After Seth played the 2008-2009 season, he transferred to Duke University from Liberty.

Seth helped the team to victory in a match where he became the starter after Kyrie Irving sustained an injury with 17 points on 57% shooting. He got the title of All-ACC first team and Second-team All-American by sporting news at the end of his senior year.

He has played for a couple of significant teams like Santa Cruz Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic, Sacramento Kings, Dallas Mavericks (July 2016- February 2018), and Portland Trailblazers (July 2018 – July 2019), etc. but is currently playing with the Brooklyn Nets team. On September 14, 2019, Seth Curry married Callie River, an Ex volleyball player for Florida Gators, and has two children, Carter Lynn and Cash.

Sydel Curry

Born October 20, 1994, Sydel Alicia Curry-Lee is Stephen Curry’s sister, a former college American volleyball player who played during the CAA Conference for Elon Phoenix women’s volleyball team. Under Sydel’s leadership as captain, the Charlotte Christian girls’ volleyball team won two Southern Section Division IV titles. Sydel won Southern Section Division IV Offensive Player of the year twice and the MVP for Prep league offensive four times.

Alicia majored in psychology during her period at Elon University. While playing a volleyball match, she got injured during an argument and could not play on the team till 2014. She won CAA Most Improved Player in her first season. She married Steph Curry’s teammate Damion Lee on September 1, 2018, in Charlotte, North Carolina, and had a lot of miscarriages but finally gave birth to her first child in 2021.

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Stephen Curry’s race has always been a topic of discussion among fans and friends due to his physical attributes. As you can see above, by looking into his family roots and traced it back, he is an African American man. So, next time you’re in a bar argument or a hang with friends and Steph Curry’s race comes up, now you know definitively that he is African American.

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