What is the NBA Floor Sweeper Salary 2022?

If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance you might have seen the discussion online about how much NBA floor sweepers make. Many people, myself included, could not believe how much they earned, and even some people claimed they were switching careers because of this.

We’re going to examine everything you need to know about NBA Floor Sweepers’ salary, as well as all the duties they perform if you’re one of those looking to make a switch.

But first, let us explain what an NBA Floor sweeper is.

Who is an NBA Floor Sweeper?

NBA Floor Sweepers are part of the maintenance crew that wipes sweat, liquid, or any other items from the court that could make players slip. Anytime there’s a lull in an NBA game, you might have noticed them wiping the surface of the court.

How Much Do NBA Floor Sweepers Make?

How Much Do NBA Floor Sweepers Make
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Many people had no idea that the salary of NBA Floor sweepers was impressive before it started trending on Twitter. NBA teams typically need top-tier experience and education from applicants before filling the position. The physically draining job requires a considerable amount of energy and alertness on the court.

We’ve done a deep dive research to get the salaries of Floor sweepers in the NBA. We’ll categorize them based on the number of experience a floor sweeper has:

Less than two years – $39,000

More than two years – $80,000

More than five years – $95,000

As expected, newbies on the job earn the lowest of about $39,000 annually, and some of the most seasoned floor sweepers can get as high as $100,000. The NBA also has rules that veterans with more than ten years can sign contracts from 35% of the salary cap.

Overall, the average amount NBA floor sweepers get paid is $80,000. Most NBA Floor sweepers have experience, so the average is at the higher end of the spectrum. Recruits joining NBA Floor sweepers isn’t something that happens very often.

Compared with other jobs, there is a wide gap. The projection for the average salary of a full-time wage worker in 2022 is $53 490 yearly for 40-hour workweeks.

NBA Floor sweepers can also get paid differently depending on the team. Some teams pay their floor sweepers an hourly rate while others pay per game. Another method that some teams use is including them in the regular payroll, so they’re paid every 15 days.

What Does an NBA Floor Sweeper Do?

NBA Floor Sweepers typically have three tools with them during NBA games – Large brooms, Small circular mops, and ample towels. They use the large brooms to sweep the court before any game starts, during game timeouts, and after every quarter. Floor sweepers use the small circular mops to clean the free-throw areas after every gift shot, and they use the large towels to wipe the sweat from the floor of any player that falls.

Apart from that, their job description also includes setting up benches to help in loading and unloading gear used for the games. Also, officials, coaches, or other officials may assign other duties to floor sweepers as they see fit. Overall, their job is mainly removing sweat and any foreign materials from the court. This may vary depending on the team and the players involved. Players sweat profusely on the court during games, and if the courts are left wet, it could cause accidents and injuries.

For example, some NBA players like Ja Mount of the Memphis Grizzlies usually drive to the hoop to draw the opponent’s attention, pass to teammates or make excellent shots. While he’s trying to do this, he may get entangled with one of the players from the other team defending the basket and end up kissing the floor. In such a scenario, when Morant is on the floor, the floor sweepers should come out with mops and large towels to wipe off the wet spot where he fell.

Also, with the COVID-19 pandemic, there were new safety protocols involving the floor sweepers to prevent the spread of the virus. NBA assigned three floor-sweepers to the back of each baseline, which is different from before the pandemic, where it used to be just one or two players. NBA put this protocol in place to limit the spread of the virus and ensure there is no sweat left on the court.

During the NB bubble, some of the familiar elements of the games were not there, including cheerleaders, crowd, halftime performers, and mascots. However, the floor sweepers stayed an integral part of the game. TV viewers who would typically focus on only the players and other aspects of the game started paying attention to the floor sweepers, hence discussing their salary on social media.

NBA Floor sweepers should move fast so they do not get run over. They must stay alert throughout the game and wait for the referee’s signal before going into the court and cleaning.

How to Become an NBA Floor Sweeper?

You need to have all the required skills to do the duties of an NBA Floor sweeper as described above. Other necessary areas to land a job as a floor sweeper in the NBA include relevant education in the field and experience. It is also essential to know that every NBA team has its floor sweeper qualifications.

Even though it is a simple job, the pay for this role is good, so there is a lot of competition, making it challenging to get a job. There are usually many applicants vying for the same vacancy. So it is crucial that you impress your employer with your credentials or any other skills that you think can put yours ahead of other people. All of these also factor into the amount they will pay you as you can use it to negotiate higher.

Here are the steps you should take if you want to become an NBA Floor Sweeper:

  • Research the NBA team you wish to apply to.
  • Check all their requirements and tailor your application to fit it
  • Send your NBA Floor sweeper application to the NBA team
  • Check NBA.com for job openings
  • You can also check other job listing websites like Indeed and LinkedIn.
  • Look for NBA’s email-id and make inquiries.

If you have NBA connections, you can leverage them for information about the requirements, salary and some can even help with the application process. A somewhat effective way is reaching out directly to the resource manager of the team you want to work for, but this may be challenging to do.

Other Benefits NBA Floor Sweepers Have

Apart from the stated salary above, NBA floor sweepers could also get bonuses and additional incentives when their teams qualify in the playoffs. Incentives are higher if the team advances to the next round. Some teams typically give players more than the average salary, including Boston, Atlanta, and Washington.

Some other perks that some floor sweepers enjoy include lunch money, depending on the team. Also, during NBA bubbles, they are usually billeted in hotels to make their games on time. They are also working on the court; they have free access to watch every team game, even during their off days.

Another benefit some floor sweepers get is that their studies get financed when they enter college. Although this is particularly rare in the NBA, it still happens and is worth mentioning. If one leaves a good impression, the team will notice it.

Also, if any of them are basketball fans, they get to see their basketball heroes in action, and they get to be in the same courts with some of the greats like Steph Curry and James Harden. It is also possible for some to watch the players’ training sessions as the team may invite them to play with them during basketball scrimmage. All of these benefits and allowances largely depend on the teams.

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As you can see from the figures, NBA Floor sweepers get paid well. If you’re gunning for a job as an NBA floor sweeper, remember it is highly competitive and put your best foot forward.

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