What is the NBA Waterboy Salary 2022?

While the basketball players will always be the NBA stars, some events have recently led some people to give other workers in the NBA some attention. Some reports on Boston Celtics statistics surfaced about NBA Waterboys that have gotten many people interested in the job and salary.

We expect everyone in the NBA to be paid relatively well with the amount of money pumped into the game in commercial deals, merchandise endorsements, and sponsorships. So, we’re going to break down everything you need to know about NBA waterboys, including their duties, their salary, and how to become one if you wish.

Let’s start by describing who NBA waterboys are.

Who is an NBA Waterboy?

Just like the name suggests, NBA waterboys handle the duties of giving water to dehydrated athletes on the court as well as holding their towels. That may sound simple enough, but as with any other job, you need a certain level of expertise to do it properly.

How Much Do NBA Waterboys Make?

Many factors could determine the salary of a waterboy. These include the quality of work the waterboy delivers, experience, dedication, activeness, and the team. If a waterboy has additional knowledge or skills on topics like nutrition, this could give them a few more thousand dollars yearly more than others.

The average salary of an NBA waterboy ranges between $53,000 – $58,000 annually. Depending on the skills and experience of the waterboy, some of the highest paying teams could pay up to $100,000. Also, not all NBA waterboys are salaried, and some earn stipends.

However, as a beginner, the salary of an NBA waterboy is something around $100 per game. Many of them are chosen from local schools and usually learn the ropes at the beginner level. Those NBA waterboys with higher experience or skills such as experience in nutrition can be paid as high as $100,000 annually.

Many make careers out of being waterboys. While it isn’t one of the flashiest jobs in the world, its average salary is still more than many other jobs. The average is even more than what some players’ wages in the G-League are. Players in the G-League typically start at around $35,000, and even though it increases with experience, many of them may not get a call-up and often combine it with other jobs.

What are the Duties of an NBA Waterboy?

In other low-level/amateur leagues, waterboys handle all the menial tasks like handing out beverages, washing towels, and keeping luggage for usually inconsequential compensation. Many waterboys in these amateur leagues typically take the role because they offer support. In NBA teams, the waterboy roles are more diverse and could depend on the NBA team.

Even though the job description isn’t glamorous, you’d e surprised by the number of people who want to be NBA waterboys because they make a decent amount of money with some nice perks. NBA waterboys are necessary for games because they make sure the stars of the show – the players stay hydrated throughout the match to keep on entertaining.

Apart from regular games, NBA waterboys also work during practice sessions as they could sometimes get almost as hectic as traditional games, and the players will need to stay hydrated. Waterboys also perform other duties like assisting players with training, exercises, game preparation, and injury rehabs.

Like many other job roles, their duties require more effort because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Waterboys have to make sure that towels are adequately taken care of and not just placed anywhere. Because of sweat and other fluids, they have to take extra care in performing their duties to prevent the spread of the virus.

How to Become an NBA Waterboy

If you’re looking to become an NBA waterboy, you should be ready to put in your best efforts, as getting any job in the NBA is often competitive. Your first action should be to contact your local team about the qualifications they need for a waterboy.

Different organizations and teams have laid down requirements and procedures for employing waterboys. Some teams recruit through raffles, and others do through tryouts; when you contact the team, they will give you the information. Many NBA teams are looking for recruits, and you may be a perfect fit for any of them. Sometimes, you won’t know they are looking for recruits because they may not advertise it; your best bet is to reach out to them.

Another path to becoming a waterboy is asking relatives, acquaintances, or friends that have NBA connections for any information. Even though they aren’t coaches or high-ranking officials, if they work in the office or close to people that do, they may have some news to give you.

Apart from having the right contacts, you should also have the right attitude for the job and find out all you can about it. Develop yourself on the skills they are looking for and watch some games to see how NBA waterboys do their jobs. Observe where they sit on the benches, when and how they approach players, when they leave the players, and any vital information. Knowing all of this beforehand can give you a leg up over your competition.

Since the working pace in the NBA usually fluctuates depending on the period, you should prepare adequately as you do not know when opportunities will open up. It might be boring for some people to perform the same action continuously, but it could help refine techniques and movement. It would be best if you didn’t mess up as a waterboy in the middle of a game. You could also have athletic experience of any form because the teams tend to prioritize candidates who know how things work in sports.

Skills an NBA Waterboy Needs to Have

Like other jobs requiring skills and dedication, so does being a waterboy. One of the most important things about being a waterboy is being in good physical condition to handle all the running around the job demands. Also, you should have the presence of mind in the game and act appropriately without anyone telling you to.

A good waterboy is always alert, ready to meet the players’ needs at any time, from the game preparation opening tip to the last buzzer. Since the NBA is the tip of professional basketball in America, it may be necessary to have a college diploma as some teams may request it.

Other Benefits NBA Waterboys Have

Other perks that come with being a waterboy include watching games for free and health insurance. Also, depending on the team, some waterboys can have access to the team’s merch and other benefits. Waterboys don’t typically have this luxury, unlike the floor sweepers who get bonuses and incentives when their teams qualify for playoffs.

However, they could get some stipends from time to time and lunch money depending on the team and performance. One of the best benefits of working in the NBA is seeing all of these legendary players up close and being on the same courts as them. I know what I would give to watch the training sessions of NBA superstars.

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The requirements for being a waterboy vary depending on the team, but you can summarize their duties as always being present for the players/team and having a keen eye for the needs of others. Remember that you have to be physically fit to be a waterboy or any task related to basketball. If you have a background in science or nutrition, definitely go for it as it will give you an edge over others.

Keep persisting and checking for opportunities in your local team, leverage any connections you have to the NBA and stay prepared if you want to get a job as an NBA waterboy. Before long, you could be one of the waterboys earning $50k+ annually.

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