How to Put on Basketball Net: Hooks, Without Hooks, Chain Net

When you think of basketball hoops you usually imagine them with a net around the rim. There are basketball hoops that don’t have nets, usually outside at a public park. It’s not always intentional sometimes the net gets old and needs to be replaced, but it doesn’t.

It isn’t necessary for a basketball hoop to have a net in order for you to play basketball, but there are reasons for it. Installing a net isn’t a difficult process, whether the hoop is portable, in-ground, a kid’s hoop, etc. If you’re installing for a brand new basketball hoop or just replacing your current net, the process is similar just with a few extra steps.

The Reason You Should Have a Net

Although having a net isn’t necessary in order to play a game of basketball, not having one on the hoop can change the results. The net helps slow down the ball when it goes in the hoop. The ball slowing down allows everyone (players, fans, officials) to be able to see that the ball actually made it in.

It can be hard to tell if a shot was made when you play with a hoop that doesn’t have a net because it is going at whatever speed it was at when it left the shooter’s hand.

The net is aimed at the ground, so when a ball goes through it, it is much easier to get the ball as it is going straight down versus having the ability to bounce around the court because it had no guidance and restriction. Also, who doesn’t love hearing the classic sound of a swish the net makes when a shot is made?

What Net is Right for Your Hoop

Before installing a net, have to buy one! You don’t want to just pick up the first one you see because all nets are not the same, even though by eye they make look similar.


Durability is what you want out of your basketball net, no one wants to be buying a net every other month cause it’s warn out. If you play often, you especially want to find one that has great durability as your net will wear faster. T

o find out if a net is durable you must pay attention to the weight of the net. The heavier the net, the more durable it is.


You can’t install a net if it’s too small or too big for your net. Nets are commonly made to fit regular rims, but you can never be too sure. You will want to check and make sure the measurements of your rim and net match.


The material of your net will affect how long it lasts. If your basketball hoop is outside, in order for the net to withstand harsh weather conditions the best, you will want one with tightly woven synthetic fibers. Nylon nets will be cheaper in price and polyester nets are still priced reasonably. Chain nets are also an option.

Tools You Will Need

To install your hoop you will need:

  • A new basketball net
  • Scissors
  • A step ladder

You may need someone to help spot you while you are on the ladder.

How to Install a Basketball Net

Before installing your net put it on the ground or hold it in both hands spreading it so you can differentiate between the small and large diameters. The larger diameter will be what you connect to the rim and the smaller diameter is the bottom of the net. Once this is done, you’re ready to install.

Step 1: Ladder Setup

Ladder Setup
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If your basketball hoop can adjust low enough, you won’t need a ladder. If it is too tall for you, a ladder will be necessary. Make sure both your hoop and ladder are secured. You will want your ladder placed in front of the hoop under the rim and in the center of it.

Step 2: Remove Current Net From the Hoop

Remove Basketball Net

If your hoop still has the net you’re replacing on it, you will need to cut it off. When you are standing on your ladder carefully take the scissors and cut the loops near the rim. If your net has hooks you will want to pull whatever remains out of them.

Step 3: Put Net Loop Through the Hook

When your rim hooks are completely clean it’s time to get your new net on the hooks. Grab one of the net loops placing it between your thumb and index finger. Once it is in the proper place between your fingers, you will want to squeeze the loop and push it from the inside of the hoop through the hook towards the outside of the rim.

Step 4: Tying and Tightening the Loop

Take the net loop and open it up just wide enough for you to loop it around the front of the hook. Have one hand holding the loop in place and use your other hand to pull the net loop from inside the rim. Do this till the loop is firmly tighten in the rim hook.

Step 5: Hook the Rest of the Loops

Once you have the first loop completely hooked, the rest is easy. You will repeat steps 3 and 4 with all remaining loops until your net is all the way around the rim. Standard nets usually have 12 hooks, so make sure that you have all 12 loops around the rim. Make sure the loops are not getting tangled during this process.

Step 6: Pull the Net Downwards

The last step to installing a net is by holding the bottom of the net and pull firmly downwards. Doing this will help straighten and stretch the net while making sure the loops are tightly attached to the net.

Two Methods to Install a Net to a Hoop Without Hooks

You may be installing a net to a hoop without hooks. This isn’t an impossible task and there are several methods that you can use for this. Here are two methods for net installation without hooks. You will need the same tools mentioned above.

Cut and Tie Method

When the rim has no hooks, just holes, this is a good method to follow.

Step 1: Cut the loops

Cut all 12 of the loops on the net that are a part of the larger diameter. These are the hoops that will go on the hoop.

Step 2: Set up your ladder

Place your ladder directly under the hoop. Make sure you are at a height to reach the hoop without problems.

Step 3: Push loop ends through and tie

Take one of the two ends of a cut loop and push it through the hole. Once you push it through use the other end of the loop and tie them together. Repeat this until all your loops are tied around the rim.

Step 4: Secure the net

Firmly tug the bottom of the net to make sure all loops are securely tied to the rim.

Hoop Knot and Zip Tie Method

The hoop knot and zip tie method is a good method to use for metal park rims with no hooks.

Step 1: Grab the loop

Grab one loop between your index finger and your thumb and put it upwards through the inside of the rim. You then want to bring the loop down the outside of the rim.

Step 2: Wrap the loop

When the loop is outside of the rim wrap it around underneath itself. Save a space big enough to put the loop through.

Step 3: Pull and tie the loop

Pull the loop through space and pull both ends to tie tightly. There should be a small loop on the outside of the tie.

Step 4: Secure with zip tie

Take a zip tie and feed it through both the rim and loop and then synch it tightlitky. Lastly take your scissors and cut off the excess zip tie.

Chain Net Installation

Basketball Chain Net
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Installing chain nets may be the simplest process of all as it requires the least amount of steps.

Step 1: Identify loops

See which loops are slightly larger than the chain links, these will be the top of your net.

Step 2: Put loop on a hook

Take your first loop and simply slide it over a hook. It doesn’t matter which loop you put with which hook. No look has a specific position.

Step 3: Secure and test

Once you have put the first loop on a hook continue this process till your chain net is around the entire hoop. To make sure the net is good, shoot a ball several times into the net.

Final Words

Having a net for your personal hoop isn’t a dire need. A game can still be played without a net, but the results and experience won’t be the same. Installing a net has several different methods and all are only a few steps so there’s no need to fear a replacement.

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