Is Playing Basketball on Double Rim Good? (Improve Shooting?)

Over the years, we’ve seen basketball double rims get some bad rap. The infamous backboard attachment has raised a lot of controversies, no doubt. However, despite its reputation, you will find double rims on outdoor courts, in parks, playgrounds, and in the homes of professional basketball players.

So, is the double rim truly all bad? If so, why do some players use it instead of a single rim? In this post, well answer all these questions and more. You’ll learn what benefits you can get from the double rim and find out why some people don’t like it.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

What are Basketball Double Rims?

A double rim is a basketball hoop attachment that is twice as thick as the single rim because it is made up of two rims instead of one. It’s attached to the basketball hoop as a single rim placed on top of another.

The increased thickness of this type of rim causes balls to bounce off with a lot more force. It’s also stiffer and doesn’t offer as much give as the single rims. Check out this video to see how it is hooping on double rims:

Hence, shots have to be more accurate for players to score. In essence, there’s less margin for error with double rims.

Why Do Basketball Players Have Double Rims?

Because double rims are more “bouncy” and difficult to score with, basketball players tend to use them to practice their shooting accuracy. The only way to guarantee a successful shot with this rim is to aim for the center every time.

Players can practice fast layups, swishes, and bank jump shots on a double rim. If you realize that you have a heavy touch, practicing with this rim will help you lighten it.

Are Double Rims Bad?

No, double rims are not bad – only different. As we discussed above, they can be very useful in improving shooting accuracy. However, the difficulty involved in making shots on them can put players off.

Some people believe learning to shoot on a double rim is irrelevant since single rims are more common in live games. However, training in overly unfavorable conditions to become better in ideal situations has proven to be an effective strategy, no matter the sport.

The fact that these rims are slightly higher than single ones doesn’t make them more likable. Although dunking is always difficult to pull off irrespective of the type of rim, some players complain that the extra height makes it harder for them.

Undeniable Benefits of Double Rims

Undeniable Benefits of Double Rims
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Double rims are not just useful for boosting shooting accuracy  – there’s more. Let’s find out all the major reasons these rims are becoming increasingly common.

Improves Shooting Accuracy and Technique

Of course, one of the main benefits of a double rim is that it serves as great practice equipment for shooters. By training yourself to form a higher shot arc, you’ll learn to drop the ball into the center with minimal contact against the rim’s sides.

Also, by raising your shot arcs, you’re making your shots more difficult to block. Being taller than your opponent helps, but your shooting technique could also allow you to complete more shots unimpeded.

Your touch is another aspect of your shooting that will see improvements with some double rim practice. You can’t always get the ball perfectly into the basket. You’ll hit the sides a lot. When this happens, having a light touch would minimize the impact and lead to more of your balls bouncing in than out of the hoop.

A double rim forces players to lighten their touch when attempting a shot, and this conditioning is what you need to get more of your less-than-perfect shots to go in.

If you can keep yourself from getting frustrated after missing a lot of shots, you’ll eventually get better at shooting. Be sure to keep trying until you get the hang of it. You’ll score more points on a regular, single rim this way.

More Durable

Basketball double rims are a lot stronger than single ones. Hence, they fare better in outdoor environments. Rain, wind, and sunlight won’t wear down your rims so long as they’re of average quality or above. In fact, improved durability was the sole reason for the invention of the double rim.

These rims also fare better under extreme play. You and dozens of other people can play basketball all day long for weeks without overworking the rim. It’s largely unaffected by players hanging on to it after a devastating dunk.

Improves Responsiveness

The “bouncy” nature of the double rim means you’re less likely to predict where the ball would go next when it strikes the thick material. Players looking to boost their in-game responsiveness can practice with a double rim for a while. The unpredictability will help you become better at responding to sudden bounces and controlling loose balls. It will also help you improve your rebound ability.

What Rim Does the NBA Use?

A lot of people wrongly believe that the NBA uses double rims. They don’t, but the single rims in the NBA are super-tight and just as unforgiving as a double rim.

When to Use Basketball Double Rims

Single rims aren’t bad, and they are certainly more common. However, certain situations might make a double rim the better choice. Let’s check them out.

Outdoor Courts

If you’re trying to figure out the best basketball rim for outdoor court, the double rim is the right choice. Thanks to its durability, it can withstand the effects of the environment. It also works well for public courts that see a lot of games every day. So, if you want to use or create a hoop in an outdoor space, we recommend a double rim.

Planning to Go Pro

If you hope to play in the big leagues someday, it may be best to play with double rims. Never mind that the NBA doesn’t use a double rim. The fact that they make shooting more difficult will help you develop your accuracy and technique. Just be prepared to miss a lot at the beginning.

Trying to Correct Bad Aim

If you’re having problems with your shooting on the court, a double rim is the way to go. A few weeks of practice with it will help you to improve that aspect of your game.


Streetball in the park involves some aggressive plays. The dunks are harder, and the tricks are more daring. This means you need a hoop strong enough to withstand the extreme use of force in some of these games. A double rim will do the trick. It’s designed for tough games that involve a lot of hanging on the rims.

Some Double Rim Shooting Tips

We’ve established that shooting with the double rim is tougher than with a single rim. That’s why it’s important to make slight adjustments to your shooting mechanics when faced with a double rim.

Here’s a list of some helpful double rim shooting tips:

  • Release the ball more gently than you would with a single rim to keep it from bouncing out
  • Attempt more swishes and fewer bank shots
  • Apply maximum concentration for every shot
  • Raise your shooting arc if you’re used to single rims
  • If the majority of your shots strike the back end of the rim, aim for the front, and if you tend to hit the front more, aim for the back
  • Don’t completely switch your shooting style mid-season or mid-game, but allow yourself time to adjust your existing technique in the off-season

Shooting Drills to Help You Score More Shots On Double Rims

While you strive to become better at shooting with double rims, try out these drills. They will make your improvement faster.

1. All Net Shots

In this drill, you take a series of shots close to the hoop. The major rule is that none of your shots must touch the rim. Your sole focus should be on hitting only the net with every shot you take.

To do this drill, choose a stationary position and try to make five shots (all net) from that spot. Move to another location once you make the fifth shot. Repeat the drill a couple more times. Keep track of how many attempts you needed to make five net shots in each position. That will tell you how much you’ve improved along the way.

2. Reps Drill

Position yourself close to the basketball with a set of balls by your side. Take a series of shots and try to score as many as you can. This drill only works if you focus on your mistakes and try to figure out what went wrong when you miss a shot. Try to get in 100 shots for each practice session.

The above drills are very effective in improving shooting accuracy when done right. We recommend that you do them 3-5 times a week, especially at the start. After a few weeks, you should be much better at scoring when faced with the dreaded double rim.

Final Words

Basketball is a lot bigger than the type of rim in use. However, the little details matter a lot, and the difference between a single and double rim could make or break a player in a game. With the info from this post, you should be more prepared to handle double rims.

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