7 Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes (2022 Update)

You get different types of shoes for every type of sport you play. For example, soccer shoes have cleats on the soles to provide additional traction when running on grass. So if you want to play basketball you have to buy specific shoes especially for your playing style.

One of the best basketball shoe brands on the market is Under Armour. This brand makes sturdy basketball shoes for indoor and outdoor playing. To help you choose the best under armour basket ball shoes we’ve reviewed the top six sneakers on the market.

We’ve also included a short buyer’s guide to help you choose the ideal pair of basketball shoes for your needs. Keep reading to find out more.

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes Summary

Why Should You Buy Basketball Shoes?

If you want to play the game of basketball then you will need the proper gear to optimize your game play. Standard sneakers may be comfortable but they lack certain specifications that you can only get from proper basketball shoes. Here are reasons why you should buy basketball shoes to play the game:

  • Traction: The game of basketball requires complex foot movement. If you’re moving on a slippery basketball court you’ll need shoes with excellent traction. Only proper basketball shoes can provide the right amount of traction for you to move swiftly on the court. A shoe designed for running isn’t prepared for quick stops or frequent jumping. Therefore, you should buy high-quality basketball shoes that will allow you to play the game effectively without slipping or losing speed.
  • Durability: If you want your basketball shoes to last then you need to make sure that they’re highly durable. Your shoes must be able to withstand harsh movements on the basketball court. The last thing you want is your basketball shoes coming apart during a game. Make sure you buy shoes that are made from strong materials that won’t tear or crack over time.
  • More support: A high-quality basketball shoe must be able to support your feet and ankles to prevent injury. Some basketball shoes will have extra ankle support if your position requires you to jump a lot. Pick shoes that are comfortable and that fit snug on your feet for additional support.
  • Less cushioning: Basketball shoes generally have less cushioning compared to other types of shoes. Basketball players need to feel the court under their feet so they can make complex movements without slipping or twisting an ankle. The stiffer the shoes the better.

What to Consider When Buying Under Armour Basketball Shoes

Before you buy your Under Armour basketball shoes there are a few factors to consider first. In this section we’ll discuss what you should consider before choosing your Under Armour shoes. This is so you can buy the best shoes for your playing position and style.

What’s Your Playing Style?

Basketball players all have a different style when it comes to playing. Depending on your basketball position you may play with specific foot movements that require more support and a certain shoe design. Your shoes should correspond with your basketball playing position.

For example, small forwards, shooting guards and point guards are aggressive players on the court. They’re also smaller and more agile when they play so they’ll need shoes that will fit their playing style. Under Armour make the best basketball shoes for these types of players especially the Steph Curry shoes.

What Size Shoe Are You?

Did you know that not all basketball shoe brands fit the same? Under Armour basketball shoes may be best for players that have larger feet that are wider. You should also consider the thickness of the ankle brace which is the part of a shoe that supports the ankle.

Make sure you buy shoes that have excellent support and sturdiness for the ankles so that you don’t twist them when you’re playing.

Does Shoe Design Matter?

Basketball shoes come in various designs and Under Armour shoes are no different. You get high tops and low tops but this design feature is a matter of preference because it doesn’t affect game play. It will depend on which one you think looks better or provide the most comfort when you play.

Will You Be Using Them Indoors or Outdoors?

Basketball shoe brands rarely manufacture shoes that are specifically for outdoor playing. If you want to play outdoors you’ll need to pick a shoe with the following features:

  • Materials are synthetic
  • Cushioning is full-length and fully encased in the mid-sole
  • Outsole is made with a denser rubber
  • The traction pattern is carved into the outsole

For indoor playing the shoes will have more traction and more support around the ankles. What’s more, indoor basketball shoes will have less cushioning. Choose the right shoes for indoor or outdoor playing.

How to Break in Basketball Shoes?

You may need to break in your basketball shoes to provide more comfort when you play. There are many ways to break in basketball shoes but it’s important to do it correctly so that you don’t damage them. If you’d like to break in your basketball shoes then follow these easy steps.

  1. Hold the shoe by the heel and by the toe area and twist the shoe left and right to soften up the upper. Softening the shoe helps it fit to the contours of your foot better. You can also soften the materials by blowing hot air from a hairdryer onto it.
  2. After you’ve softened up your shoes put thick socks on your feet and then the basketball shoes. Walk around your house for 10 minutes. Do this for at least three to four days.
  3. Use the shoes outdoors or for light exercise activities. Don’t lift weights when you’re in your basketball shoes because it can put too much strain on the shoes. Running on a treadmill will work better.
  4. Practice playing basketball in your new basketball shoes so you can feel what it’s like playing in them with your specific foot movements.
  5. After a few weeks your new basketball shoes should be ready for you to use on the court when you’re playing against another team.

Best Under Armour Basketball Shoes Reviews

1.Under Armour Men’s Curry 5

Under Armour Men’s Curry 5


  • Materials: Synthetic material with rubber soles
  • Colors: Blue, white and black
  • Width: Narrow to extra wide
  • Profile: Low

The Under Armour Men’s Curry 5 is one of the latest from Stephen Curry’s range of footwear. These shoes are lightweight with sturdy rubber soles with quick stop traction for instant cuts. You’ll have optimal speed and agility because of their low profile design.

These shoes have a full-knit construction and lockdown lacing for an ergonomic fit. The EVA cushioning in the mid-sole allows excellent underfoot responsiveness. They come in all sizes and foot widths for the best fit. The shoes provide excellent ankle support to prevent injury.

Lastly, these shoes also come in three colors for you to choose from so they can match your basketball uniform perfectly.

Editors Notes:
You may appreciate the stock style of these Under Armour shoes because they prevent chafing at the back of the heels.

However, there are some customers that state that the sizing charts aren’t accurate so you may have to order a size up. Overall, they are great value for money.

2.  Under Armour Curry Flow 8 Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Curry Flow 8 Basketball Shoes


  • Materials: Synthetic overlays and support
  • Colors: Black, white, yellow and blue
  • Width: Narrow to extra wide
  • Profile: Low

The Under Armour Curry Flow 8 shoes have the best ergonomic design for a comfortable fit. It’s a lightweight pair of shoes that has a breathable flat knit upper. These shoes have new UA Flow cushioning that provides the ultimate grip.

What’s more, the Flexible Pebax plate adds stability and excellent support to your footwork. The UA outsole gives you improved court feel so you can start, stop and cut faster giving you more agility on the court.

The lace-up construction allows you to customize your fit and the high stretch collar gives you more stability around the ankle. With the intersectional patterns on the sole you’ll have more traction on the court.

Editors Notes:
These Curry Flow 8 shoes come in different colors to suit your preference. They’re also designed for men, women and grad students that play basketball for their school teams. They have a streamlined design and they are extra comfortable with optimal ventilation.

3. Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 5 Basketball Shoes


  • Materials: Synthetic construction with rubber soles
  • Colors: Seven colors including black, white, red and blue
  • Width: Narrow to extra wide
  • Profile: High profile

When it comes to basketball shoes you need footwear that’s made from breathable materials. Fortunately, the Under Armour Lockdown 5 shoes are made with breathable mesh tops and it has engineered perforations for maximum ventilation.

These basketball shoes have anti-odor technology applied to the sockliner to prevent foul odors when your feet sweat. The EVA mid-soles provide responsive play and they’re lightweight so they don’t add weight to your feet.

The soles of the shoes have a herringbone pattern that gives you more traction on slippery courts. This way you’ll have better movement and control when you play. And lastly, for all day comfort the Lockdown 5 shoes have plush sockliner that won’t irritate or chafe your feet.

Editors Notes:
Many customers state that these Under Armour basketball shoes are incredibly comfortable and provide the ultimate support.

However, the model does run one size too small so you may have to order a bigger shoe size for your feet.

4. Under Armour Men’s HOVR Havoc Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Men’s HOVR Havoc Basketball Shoes


  • Materials: Synthetic textile with rubber soles
  • Colors: 18 colors including white, black, red and yellow
  • Width: Narrow to extra wide
  • Profile: Mid top

The HOVR Havoc basketball shoes from Under Armour is design for comfort in mind. These shoes have a molded textile upper for enhanced comfort and maximum ventilation. For a customized fit, you’ll appreciate the webbed lacing system for a locked-in fit.

Furthermore, to provide extra lateral stability the shoes are designed with midfoot TPU shank wraps underfoot. The rubber soles have a herringbone pattern for extra traction so you have optimal foot control and grip on the court.

Lastly, these shoes have integrated UA HOVR technology that provides a zero gravity feel. This technology helps maintain energy return and eliminates impact.

Editors Notes:
You’ll love that these shoes come in 18 different colors for you to choose from. Many players state that the shoes are comfortable and provide an ergonomic fit.

On the other hand, some players stated that the tread wore off quick when playing on outside courts. Therefore, it’s best to stick to indoor courts with these shoes.

5. Under Armour Men’s Spawn Mid Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Men’s Spawn Mid Basketball Shoe


  • Materials: Textile synthetic with rubber soles
  • Colors: Six colors including red, black and white
  • Width: Narrow to extra wide
  • Profile: High

If you’re looking for a basketball shoe with extra ankle support then you should get a pair of Under Armour Spawn basketball shoes. It has interwoven layers of TPU films as well as PU coated mesh for added support and ventilation.

These shoes have molded textile tongues for added comfort and to support the top of your feet. The Die cut EVA sockliner gives you more cushioning under your feet for more support and comfort. These shoes have rubber soles with patterned treads for the ultimate traction so you can have more control of your foot movements on the court.

You’ll appreciate that you can get these shoes in any size and width you want. These shoes are also lace-ups so you can customize the tightness of the fit on your feet. The UA Spawn mid basketball shoes come in six different colors for you to choose from.

Editors Notes:
Most players love the style of the Spawn Mid basketball shoes but not so much the comfort. The insoles are too soft so you may have difficulties feeling the court underfoot.

On the other hand, these shoes are ideal for players who have wide feet and need extra ankle support.

6. Under Armour Men’s Curry 7 Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Men’s Curry 7 Basketball Shoes


  • Materials: Synthetic leather and mesh
  • Colors: Seven colors including gold, white and black
  • Width: Narrow to extra wide
  • Profile: Low

If you’re a small forward or a point guard then you’ll want these Under Armour Curry 7 basketball shoes. They’re designed to optimize your agility on the court as well as your speed and stability. The outer construction is made from synthetic leather and mesh for durability and ventilation.

For added comfort these basketball shoes have integrated foam padding in the collar and heel. Additionally, it has micro G cushioning for stable cuts and explosive stepping. To help keep you stable the shoes have decoupled heels.

The rubber soles have herringbone treads for extra traction on the court. These rubber soles give you more control on the court so you can move faster and be more responsive with foot movement. There are plenty of designs for you to choose from so they can match your basketball outfits on or off the court.

Editors Notes:
The most common problem with Under Armour basketball shoes is the inaccurate sizing charts. You may have to go to a brick and mortar shop to do a fitting before buying a pair of these sneakers.

Overall, the basketball shoes are comfortable, durable and will optimize your movement on the court.

7. Under Armour Curry 2 Men’s Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Curry 2 Men’s Basketball Shoes


  • Materials: Synthetic textile with rubber soles
  • Colors: Red and white
  • Width: Narrow to extra wide
  • Profile: High

Here’s another Stephen Curry basketball shoe design that you might love. These shoes are best for point guards because they optimize your speed and agility. Currently these shoes are lighter than other types of Under Armour sneakers so they won’t weigh you down.

Other UA shoes have the traditional herringbone pattern for extra traction. However, the Curry 2 shoes have a multidirectional pattern that provides even more stability and traction on the court. For cushioning, the Curry 2 shoes have a full length Charge for a more responsive play.

The shoes provide an ergonomic fit thanks to the support that comes from the heel counter. Stability comes from the flat sole so you’ll have more control of your foot movements. Your foot will also stay firmly in place inside the shoe while you play so they won’t chafe your feet.

Editors Notes:
These Under Armour Curry 2 shoes are excellent for indoor and outdoor plays. They provide support and comfort for any foot size and width.

However, the sizing can either be below or higher than your actual foot size so you may want to do a fitting before you buy your shoes.

Final Thoughts

Did you find the Under Armour basketball shoes you were looking for? If not then we suggest you get the Under Armour Men’s Curry 5. These sneakers are designed for agile and aggressive players that need optimal traction on the basketball court.

On the other hand, there are five other high-quality Under Armour basketball shoes on our list of reviews that you might like. Refer to our buyer’s guide above to help you pick the right Under Armour shoes for your playing style and position.

Make sure you do a fitting first before you buy your shoes so that you don’t purchase sneakers that are too small or big. If you want more ankle support then choose high top basketball shoes.

All the shoes mentioned in today’s article offer plenty of support and comfort. So which one will you pick?

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